Recently, four hands massages have become very popular as they are considered more effective than traditional two hands ones. What is it meant by four hands massages? What are their main features? Why do most people today prefer practicing four hands massages? Let’s take a closer look at all these questions.

Recently, four hands massages have become very popular as they are considered more effective than traditional two hands ones. What is it meant by four hands massages? What are their main features? Why do most people today prefer practicing four hands massages? Let’s take a closer look at all these questions.

Looking for a good alternative to traditional massage techniques? We are glad to offer you the best four hands massages thanks to which you are sure to become healthy!

Four hands massage Manhattan (New-York\NYC).

Looking for a good alternative to traditional massage techniques? We are glad to offer you the best four hands massages thanks to which you are sure to become healthy!

Do you find two hands massages dull, useless, and ineffective? We have a fine alternative to them: try our four hands massages and appreciate our girls’ work!

This kind of massage, our two experienced masseuses carry out simultaneously. It can begin both from the back and legs simultaneously, and separately for each part separately.

With the best four hands massages ever our massage salon in NYC offers you at attractive price, you are bound to become strong and healthy! Try them right now!

According to doctors, it is the erotic four hands massage that allows to improve both the mobility of the joints, and the elasticity of the ligaments, it perfectly fights against insomnia, helps normalize blood pressure.

4hands massage in New York

Understanding Four Hands Massages: The Ultimate Relaxation Experience

In the realm of massage therapy, where relaxation and rejuvenation are paramount, the concept of a «four hands massage» has been making waves. This unique and indulgent massage technique has gained immense popularity in recent times, as it is often perceived as more effective and deeply relaxing than traditional two-handed massages. In this article, we will explore the world of four hands massages, unravel their main features, and discover why an increasing number of people are opting for this luxurious massage experience.

What is a Four Hands Massage?

A four hands massage, as the name suggests, involves the skilled hands of two massage therapists working in synchronized harmony to provide a blissful and all-encompassing massage experience. Unlike the traditional two-handed massage, where one therapist attends to your needs, a four hands massage offers the expertise and attention of two therapists simultaneously.

Key Features of Four Hands Massages:

  1. Synchronized Movements: The hallmark of a four hands massage is the perfectly synchronized movements of the two therapists. Their hands glide and knead in harmony, creating a symphony of soothing sensations that envelop your entire body.
  2. Full-Body Coverage: With four hands at work, every inch of your body receives attention simultaneously. This means that tension, stress, and knots are addressed comprehensively, leaving no area untouched.
  3. Enhanced Relaxation: The dual sensations of touch induce a profound state of relaxation, often described as transcendent. Many clients find that they enter a deep meditative state during a four hands massage, making it an ideal choice for those seeking mental and physical reprieve.
  4. Efficiency: Due to the combined efforts of two therapists, the massage session can be more efficient. This means that you can experience the benefits of a longer massage in a shorter time.

Why the Rising Popularity of Four Hands Massages?

There are several reasons why four hands massages have witnessed a surge in popularity:

  1. Intensified Relaxation: The dual touch of two therapists working together creates an unparalleled sensation of relaxation. It’s an ideal choice for those who seek a complete escape from the stresses of daily life.
  2. Efficiency and Time-Saving: In our fast-paced world, time is precious. Four hands massages offer the luxury of a longer massage experience in a shorter timeframe, making it a practical choice for busy individuals.
  3. Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits: With two therapists, specific problem areas can be targeted more effectively. Whether it’s muscle tension, pain relief, or increased flexibility, the four hands approach ensures a more comprehensive treatment.
  4. Novelty and Luxury: For many, a four hands massage is a luxurious indulgence, an experience that stands out from traditional massages. The novelty of the experience adds to its allure.

In conclusion, four hands massages have emerged as a sought-after indulgence in the world of wellness and relaxation. Their synchronized movements, full-body coverage, efficiency, and intensified relaxation make them a top choice for those in pursuit of ultimate stress relief and rejuvenation. As our lives become increasingly hectic, the allure of a four hands massage offers not just relaxation but an oasis of serenity in a busy world.

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What are the most crucial features of four hands massages?

— The cost of 4 hands massage is known to be much higher than that of usual one, since two masseuses are involved in the massage session at the same time.

— Due to the simultaneous involvement of two masseuses at once, the massage session is carried out in a more intense rhythm and gives significantly better results than a regular massage session in which only one masseuse is involved.

— Thanks to the high speed of massage, two masseuses usually reduce the duration of the massage session and this fact allows the masseuses and their client to save a considerable amount of time.

— The four hands massage can be successfully used in case massaging the patient’s body with only one masseuse is ineffective, difficult, or even impossible for a number of reasons.

Try the best four hands massages ever in our massage salon in NYC

Recently, four hands massages have become very popular as they are considered more effective than traditional two hands ones. What is it meant by four hands massages? What are their main features? Why do most people today prefer practicing four hands massages? Let’s take a closer look at all these questions.





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4hands massage MODELS

4hands massage price

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates


incall: 30 mins — $400

incall: 60 min — $600

outcall: 60 min — $800

outcall: 90 min — $1200

Massage rates


incall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 60 min — $500

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates


60 min — $300

90 min — $500

120 min — $600

Four hands massages in NYC, NY

Four-hand massages are currently gaining popularity in the United States in general and in New York in particular. Thousands of New Yorkers increasingly prefer the four hands massage as the most effective, despite its relatively high cost.

Relax completely with our best four hands massages!

Most New Yorkers book four hands massage service on a regular basis as an excellent prophylactic or adjuvant. However, there are many massage lovers who practice four hands massage as an effective means of experiencing stronger sensations, learning something new, diversifying their own life, and making it not that boring.

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We have selected the most common questions that our clients ask us.

The benefit is 100%

The most popular and highly demanded massages carried out with four hands of two masseuses include:

  1. Reflexology,
  2. Swedish massage,
  3. Sports massage,
  4. Thai massage,
  5. Aromatherapy massage,
  6. Deep tissue massage,
  7. Trigger point massage,
  8. Shiatsu massage,
  9. Prenatal massage.

Service for those who love life

Passion for 4 hands massage therapy in the city of New York, as a rule, is not limited to visiting massage parlors. Four hands massage lovers create and join communities on the Internet, share their own opinions and feelings with each other, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this or that type of massage.

Currently in New York City, there are many massage parlors that are always happy to offer their four hands massage services to all people who do love this specific kind of massages.

Four hands massage sex?

Four hands massage sex.

Any massage in four hands allows you to double the effect produced. Synchronous actions of masters take to the world of bliss, carefully working out each point, each muscle, each energy channel on the body. Exotic essential oils, cozy atmosphere, quiet music and magic hands of massage therapists will open new abilities of the organism, help to get rid of problems and gain energy for active life. A four-handed massage from our specialists is the treasure of Asia in the center of nyc, accessible to anyone who wants to.

Massage in 4 hands is not an intimate massage. This massage is very exciting and helps to discharge. But not anymore. Masseuses do not provide sex services. We ask you not to offer this to them.
Agree that coming to a massage spa you come here just for massage, and sex can be obtained elsewhere.

Four hands massage porn.

Erotic massage in 4 hands is very cool and useful. For men, this means double pleasure. But we do only massage. And although we often repeat this, many customers ask us whether the sequel will be? We respond to all that a massage in 4 hands is not some kind of porn where you will be appeased. 4 Hands is massage and only, and no more.

Why should you choose four hands massage service in our massage salon?

The best four hands services from the best massage salon in NYC

Our massage salon in New York City has a few crucial advantages over other massage ones. Here are some of them:

— No matter whether you live in Brooklyn or Manhattan, Bronx or New Jersey, our salon is always easily accessible to you.

— Our beautiful, slim, highly skilled, and experienced masseuses are bound to carry out the massage at the highest level.

— You can easily select the girls you find the most suitable for your massage session.

— Our prices for massage services in general and four hands massage in particular are always affordable.

— We give considerable discounts to our regular customers.

— Thanks to a wide range of different massage techniques our salon provides you can quickly select the one that really meet your wishes, desires, and needs.

— With the massage session booked, you also get all additional necessary massage things for free, including massage gels, towels, and various oils.

— Beautiful, spacious, and well-designed premises of our massage salon are bound to create a comfortable and cozy ambience during your massage session.

— Our massage salon has been operating in the New York massage market for a long time; over the years, we earned the trust of thousands of massage lovers.

— Our positive feedback tells all potential customers about the high image of our salon.

Features of massage.

Features of massage.

The technique of a four-handed massage involves several important aspects. First, the masters quickly work through the whole body to identify problem areas and relax all areas. Then they act on the acupuncture points by pressing with your fingers or with special bamboo sticks. To soften the skin used balms and massage oils, which include natural plant extracts, brought from Thailand and some other eastern countries.

Effects of royal Thai massage?

Effects of royal Thai massage.

The positive effects of a 4-hand massage, which can be done in NYC in salons, include:

  1. Removing fatigue, getting rid of stressful and depressive conditions;
    improvement of emotional state;
  2. relief from pain and restoration of proper circulation of blood and lymph in the body;
  3. increasing the elasticity of the skin, getting rid of wrinkles, stretch marks and small scars;
  4. Elimination of headaches and curative effects on internal organs, without direct pressure on them.

For whom is the massage in 4 hands?

For whom is the massage in 4 hands?

Royal massage is suitable for people who value their time, but who want to get the most benefit for their body from visiting the spa. This procedure is recommended at any age for both men and women. Massage will help restore strength, relax and eliminate skin problems. A particularly useful procedure will be for:

  • The bride before the wedding or a trip to the honeymoon;
  • people who have left work, forced to spend many hours sitting or standing in one pose;
  • people with stagnation in muscles, problems with internal organs;
  • desirable to improve the condition and color of the skin, get rid of stretch marks and wrinkles.

Attention: contraindications to this type of procedures are chronic diseases in acute form, infectious and fungal skin lesions, as well as allergy to cosmetic and massage oils.

Royal massage in 4 hands allows you to transfer from a noisy capital to the world of mysterious Thailand, feel like a ruler and improve your health. As a «side effect» of the massage, we promise a lot of good mood and a pleasant aesthetic pleasure. Call the nearest OUR spa-let our masters deal with your body’s problems and emotional state!




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Four hands massage NY.

4 hands massage NY and it’s good that you immediately feel not two, but four touches and places of these touches can be very far apart. While one masseuse massages your hips, the other successfully caresses your shoulders. While one masseuse does not deprive your attention of your breasts, the other playful pens are already being selected to your penis. And you never know for sure what these girls are thinking.

This technique was developed by ancient oriental masters. It involves working with a large body area: the waist, the sacrum, and the hips. But the base manipulations fall on the buttocks and the genital area. Hand movements can be synchronous and asynchronous: each of the methods has its advantages, so it is better to test both techniques.

The masseurs from NY, working in four hands, simultaneously work on sensitive areas. In this case, the brain produces maximum dosages of endorphins, which has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Do they vary depending on how many hands do erotic massage in NY prices? I must say — and it’s not only our club’s practice — that the more girls, the more discounts. After all, we understand perfectly well that a four-handed massage is often more pleasant than a massage in two. And maybe even more useful. Of course, we understand perfectly well that such a massage is not prescribed by doctors, but I would like to say: «What the doctor ordered!»

A four-hand massage involves the use of aromatic oils, which make the procedure not only pleasant, but also useful. Even the technique itself is based on the application of the properties of aromatic oils. The most commonly used oil is sandalwood, patchouli, roses, jasmine, lavender.

They can suppress negative emotions, develop concentration, improve brain activity, remove and even enhance creative skills and sexuality. The technique is designed to increase fluid flow, improve kidney function, blood vessels. Great for asthmatics, because massage in four hands increases ventilation and blood supply.

At the end of the procedure, you will arrive in an elevated peaceful state. It is not necessary to plan and resort to active actions, take a pause in order for the full activation of internal organs. Relax, take a nap, and after a while you will feel a rush of energy and strength. Abstain from the proposed procedures for those who have acute forms of disease, fractures, infectious diseases, joint damage, varicose veins, fever.

The combination of medicinal properties of oils and magic hands of masseurs will present you with joy and ease. The soul will find peace, the body — relaxation, and the skin will become silky.

The cost of such a massage depends on the number of hours of the procedure.

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17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

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135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
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226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
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23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

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