Recently, four hands massages have become very popular as they are considered more effective than traditional two hands ones. What is it meant by four hands massages? What are their main features? Why do most people today prefer practicing four hands massages? Let’s take a closer look at all these questions.

Recently, four hands massages have become very popular as they are considered more effective than traditional two hands ones. What is it meant by four hands massages? What are their main features? Why do most people today prefer practicing four hands massages? Let’s take a closer look at all these questions.

Looking for a good alternative to traditional massage techniques? We are glad to offer you the best four hands massages thanks to which you are sure to become healthy!

Four hands massage Manhattan (New-York\NYC).

We are very pleased to offer you a massage that will forever become your favorite procedure. This is a four hands massage Manhattan.

Massage in 4 hands is an entry into the world of subtle sensations and ease. Reminiscent of the dance of hands on your body. Four hands massage will immerse you in a feeling of complete harmony and deep relaxation.

This kind of massage, our two experienced masseuses carry out simultaneously. It can begin both from the back and legs simultaneously, and separately for each part separately.

The alternating movements of the four hands massage completely relax you at the initial stage, and afterwards, you will simply forget that two people are waving over you, and surrender to the surging abyss of new, completely untested sensations.

According to doctors, it is the erotic four hands massage that allows to improve both the mobility of the joints, and the elasticity of the ligaments, it perfectly fights against insomnia, helps normalize blood pressure.

4hands massage in New York

4hands massage services

4hands massages are fairly popular in some boroughs of New York. Residents of Brooklyn prefer 4hands massages with aromatic lotions and oils, while residents of midtown Manhattan like 4hands massages with odorless massage oils or gels.

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Four hands massage New York.

According to the doctors, it is the erotic four hands massage New York that allows to improve both joint mobility and elasticity of ligaments, it perfectly fights insomnia, promotes normalization of arterial pressure.

Four hands massage according to your desire can have a specific direction and carry a healthy, relaxing, anti-cellulite or sporting character. It can be carried out using honey, clay, therapeutic mud, chocolate or special algae. All the nuances and wishes, you can specify at the beginning of the procedure with our masseuses.

Only in our salon, you can really and truly appreciate all the professionalism of carrying out this type of massage.

Four hands massage is a lot of pleasures, pleasures and indisputably good for your body. After several sessions of such a massage, you will feel how your body is filled with a perfect new, positive vital energy, how well each organ will work and work smoothly.

Erotic massage has always attracted the attention of people since it carried not only a lot of pleasures, but also the energy that is so necessary for everyone and the restoration of health.

Our salon will be glad to offer you both erotic four hands massage, and about 25 services of a different nature and focus. We work daily, and you can get acquainted and choose a service to your taste and preferences on our website.

We work with you and are glad if for you our services will become exclusive, high-quality and interesting. And we, in turn, guarantee a high level of service and a positive result, regardless of your choice.




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4hands massage MODELS

4hands massage price

Massage rates

4hands MASSAGE

incall: 30 mins — $200

incall: 60 min — $260

outcall: 60 min — $350

outcall: 90 min — $450

Massage rates

4hands 4 Hands

incall: 30 mins — $350

incall: 60 min — $450

outcall: 60 min — $600

outcall: 90 min — $700

Massage rates


incall: 30 mins — $180

incall: 60 min — $220

outcall: 60 min — $300

outcall: 90 min — $400

Massage rates


30 min — $200

60 min — $250

90 min — $375

120 min — $470

4hands massage: gentle touches

Gently touching the naked body of her client with her hands or body, the massage therapist performs a massage session, giving pleasure to the client, relaxing both his nervous and muscular system.

four hands massage: masturbation

At the request of the client, our masseuses are ready to masturbate the client's penis. As you know, masturbation has a beneficial effect on the human body and prevents prostate cancer. In addition to medical benefits, you also double your own pleasure.

4hands massage escort


We have selected the most common questions that our clients ask us.

The benefit is 100%

The benefit is 100%

But that’s not all. Massage allows you to achieve the following:

  • maximum development of muscles;
  • withdrawal of symptoms of osteochondrosis;
  • elimination of edema;
  • Elimination of spasms;
  • increase in physical tone;
  • circulation acceleration;
  • normalization of blood pressure;
  • reduction of excess fluid and toxins.

We should not forget about the erotic pleasure experienced by the client who ordered the stimulation in four hands. Given that the XXI century is recognized as a century of stress and hidden tension, the achievement of orgasm allows you to achieve not only physical but also emotional relaxation. Moreover: according to the overwhelming majority of clients, they are charged for a long time with energy and … desire. So this kind of relaxation is recommended for men suffering from sexual dysfunction. By the way, for the strong half of Manhattan, we have sensual lingam massage.

Service for those who love life

Service for those who love life.

Where can I get such pleasure ?. The answer is simple: in our club! High-level specialists who have passed the strictest selection and are completely committed to work are working here.

They are distinguished by:

  1. cleanliness;
  2. pleasant appearance;
  3. the ability to support a friendly conversation;
  4. hardiness (ability to work for a long time).

And, of course, a high level of professionalism. Confirmed by positive customer feedback! Our clients are those who care about their health and love life! Club four hands massage Manhattan is your guide to the world of pleasure in Manhattan.

Four hands massage sex?

Four hands massage sex.

Any massage in four hands allows you to double the effect produced. Synchronous actions of masters take to the world of bliss, carefully working out each point, each muscle, each energy channel on the body. Exotic essential oils, cozy atmosphere, quiet music and magic hands of massage therapists will open new abilities of the organism, help to get rid of problems and gain energy for active life. A four-handed massage from our specialists is the treasure of Asia in the center of nyc, accessible to anyone who wants to.

Massage in 4 hands is not an intimate massage. This massage is very exciting and helps to discharge. But not anymore. Masseuses do not provide sex services. We ask you not to offer this to them.
Agree that coming to a massage spa you come here just for massage, and sex can be obtained elsewhere.

Four hands massage porn.

Erotic massage in 4 hands is very cool and useful. For men, this means double pleasure. But we do only massage. And although we often repeat this, many customers ask us whether the sequel will be? We respond to all that a massage in 4 hands is not some kind of porn where you will be appeased. 4 Hands is massage and only, and no more.

How do they massage in four hands?

How do they massage in four hands?

Pair massage is performed on a special table-couch or mat, after a thorough cleansing of the body with plant tonic. Wizards conditionally divide the client’s body into two zones: either vertically or horizontally. Massage in 4 hands captures all areas of the body: one specialist works on the hands, head and back of the guest cabin, and the second — above the feet and feet. During the work the masters work on the energy and bioactive points of the body, by stroking, pressing and rubbing. In just 1-1.5 hours of such a massage, it is possible to work out every centimeter of the client’s body. A high level of synchronization of the work of specialists guarantees not only a curative effect, but also a great aesthetic and emotional enjoyment of the process.

Features of massage.

Features of massage.

The technique of a four-handed massage involves several important aspects. First, the masters quickly work through the whole body to identify problem areas and relax all areas. Then they act on the acupuncture points by pressing with your fingers or with special bamboo sticks. To soften the skin used balms and massage oils, which include natural plant extracts, brought from Thailand and some other eastern countries.

Effects of royal Thai massage?

Effects of royal Thai massage.

The positive effects of a 4-hand massage, which can be done in NYC in salons, include:

  1. Removing fatigue, getting rid of stressful and depressive conditions;
    improvement of emotional state;
  2. relief from pain and restoration of proper circulation of blood and lymph in the body;
  3. increasing the elasticity of the skin, getting rid of wrinkles, stretch marks and small scars;
  4. Elimination of headaches and curative effects on internal organs, without direct pressure on them.

For whom is the massage in 4 hands?

For whom is the massage in 4 hands?

Royal massage is suitable for people who value their time, but who want to get the most benefit for their body from visiting the spa. This procedure is recommended at any age for both men and women. Massage will help restore strength, relax and eliminate skin problems. A particularly useful procedure will be for:

  • The bride before the wedding or a trip to the honeymoon;
  • people who have left work, forced to spend many hours sitting or standing in one pose;
  • people with stagnation in muscles, problems with internal organs;
  • desirable to improve the condition and color of the skin, get rid of stretch marks and wrinkles.

Attention: contraindications to this type of procedures are chronic diseases in acute form, infectious and fungal skin lesions, as well as allergy to cosmetic and massage oils.

Royal massage in 4 hands allows you to transfer from a noisy capital to the world of mysterious Thailand, feel like a ruler and improve your health. As a «side effect» of the massage, we promise a lot of good mood and a pleasant aesthetic pleasure. Call the nearest OUR spa-let our masters deal with your body’s problems and emotional state!




Manhattan address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019


Four hands massage NY.

4 hands massage NY and it’s good that you immediately feel not two, but four touches and places of these touches can be very far apart. While one masseuse massages your hips, the other successfully caresses your shoulders. While one masseuse does not deprive your attention of your breasts, the other playful pens are already being selected to your penis. And you never know for sure what these girls are thinking.

This technique was developed by ancient oriental masters. It involves working with a large body area: the waist, the sacrum, and the hips. But the base manipulations fall on the buttocks and the genital area. Hand movements can be synchronous and asynchronous: each of the methods has its advantages, so it is better to test both techniques.

The masseurs from NY, working in four hands, simultaneously work on sensitive areas. In this case, the brain produces maximum dosages of endorphins, which has a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Do they vary depending on how many hands do erotic massage in NY prices? I must say — and it’s not only our club’s practice — that the more girls, the more discounts. After all, we understand perfectly well that a four-handed massage is often more pleasant than a massage in two. And maybe even more useful. Of course, we understand perfectly well that such a massage is not prescribed by doctors, but I would like to say: «What the doctor ordered!»

A four-hand massage involves the use of aromatic oils, which make the procedure not only pleasant, but also useful. Even the technique itself is based on the application of the properties of aromatic oils. The most commonly used oil is sandalwood, patchouli, roses, jasmine, lavender.

They can suppress negative emotions, develop concentration, improve brain activity, remove and even enhance creative skills and sexuality. The technique is designed to increase fluid flow, improve kidney function, blood vessels. Great for asthmatics, because massage in four hands increases ventilation and blood supply.

At the end of the procedure, you will arrive in an elevated peaceful state. It is not necessary to plan and resort to active actions, take a pause in order for the full activation of internal organs. Relax, take a nap, and after a while you will feel a rush of energy and strength. Abstain from the proposed procedures for those who have acute forms of disease, fractures, infectious diseases, joint damage, varicose veins, fever.

The combination of medicinal properties of oils and magic hands of masseurs will present you with joy and ease. The soul will find peace, the body — relaxation, and the skin will become silky.

The cost of such a massage depends on the number of hours of the procedure.

Downtown address

17 Wall St, New York, NY 10005 Downtown

Midtown address

135 W 58 st New York ,NY 10019 Midtown
(Manhattan midtown West)

226 E 51st New York, NY 10021
(Manhattan midtown East)

Uptown address

23 W 56 St New York, NY 10019 Uptown

236 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019

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12 gelston ave Brooklyn, NY 11209

New Jersey address

2090 route 27 north , Lincoln Hwy , Edison NJ 088117

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Four hands massage NYC.

Traditional four hands massage nyc is a kind of visiting card of this eastern country. For several thousand years it was available only to royal families and members of the ruling circle of Thailand. But today it is accessible to any person, and it is not necessary to fly to hot countries. The network of spa salons offers a royal massage for residents and guests of nicknames from craftsmen with the necessary skills and appropriate certificates.

JohnI like this salon of erotic massage, everything is purely comfortable there, the girls are beautiful and make erotic massage, so that the head will swirl with pleasure. Well done, all the masseurs are professionals, this is evident even in their eyes!

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